About Us

INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONS is a live web-based auction platform featuring real estate, automotive vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, airplanes, and an array of other items. The website's user friendly set up allows buyers to interact without physical presence like in typical auctions. International Auctions has commenced operations early 2019, however its affiliation with the Century 21 BTAL (Belize) local brand which has been in operation since 2002, provide years of experience in the sales and marketing industry.

Traditionally, one must be present during the auction or at minimum, have a representative to submit a bid. This is to record and accept security deposit of the transaction of the property/item.

INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONS  will eliminate this by virtually hosting auctions via website application. Buyers have the opportunity to view images, details, location maps, and current auction timer clock at the touch of their electronic device. This platform will link buyer and investors to incredible deals and opportunities while save them time, money, and opportunity without the hassle of attending time consuming auctions.

Similarly, the INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONS platform is incredibly beneficial to Lenders and Sellers by maximize exposure and profitability allowing for an open, transparent competition among real estate buyers.

INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONS also offers bidders the useful "Proxy Bidder" Feature! This feature allows the bidder to pre-set their maximum bid amount for an item they have interest in, and the system automatically submits a bid(s) on behalf of the bidder to maintain their highest bid position. Again, another effective safety feature that saves both the Bidder from ever missing a good deal, and the Seller by maximizing sales and achieving true market price!