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Lot 693 in Carmelita Village

Spacious lots for residential or commercial.

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Lot Size: 2,011.5 sq.m.
USD $6,000.00
BZD $12,000.00

Converted Value: ( )
Minimum Bid $6,100.00 USD | $12,200.00 BZD
Remaining Time
19 Days, 10:24:24
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Lot 693 is located approximately 80 yards away from the Philip Goldson Highway in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District.  The parcel is within close proximity to stores and restaurants. Carmelita is a quiet village located less than 15 minutes from downtown Orange Walk.

Parcel 693 size 2,011.5 sq.m

All that piece of land being Parcels 693 Carmelita Village, Orange Walk Town

  • Lot Size 2,011.5 sq.m.
  • Annual property tax BZ$25.00
  • Estimated value BZ$25,000 | US$12,500

Additional Documents
PDFiAuctions Auction Day Buyer Package_693_orange walk _ carmelita _ Nov2021.pdf

Licensed Auctioneer: Belize Auctions

Bank: Private Seller

Auction Type:   Physical and Online Auction

Payment Instructions

  • Cash Only
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Estimated Closing Costs:

If you are declared the winner of the auction, there are the expected fees the winning bidder would incur.

  1. Internet tranction fee: $100 USD
  2. Stamp Duty Tax
  3. Registration fees
  4. Legal fees
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